Opera 10.63 Release Candidate

OperaRilasciata la nuova release per il browser norvegese, si tratta di Opera 10.63. Questa release punta a tappare dei bug relativi alla sicurezza, nessun grande aggiornamento quindi. Attendiamo con ansia la 10.70 per le grandi novità.

Per scaricare la nuova versione bisogna andare sul blog ufficiale del team. Per precisione ecco il changelog di questa release:


  • DSK-304034 (Crash on startup when removing custom settings folders)
  • DSK-298346 (Start Bar blanked out after opening background tab)
  • DSK-303370 (Messenger Unite app doesn’t load)
  • DSK-312986 (Crash when saving file while page redirects)
  • DSK-311558 (Crash after leaving a page with a flash with wmode=”transparent”)
  • DSK-287134 (Bookmarks dragged out of Mini folder are recreated when sent as added in the mini folder again)
  • DSK-308092 (Opera Link startup freeze)
  • DSK-307769 (Search suggestions from Baidu)
  • DSK-313800 (Fallback to second address is very slow)
  • DSK-294521 (Doesn’t fall back to IPv4 if IPv6 connection fails (Mac, *nix))
  • DSK-299567 (Reloading pages give multiple unclosable download dialogs)


  • CORE-32656 (Regex crash)
  • CORE-32191 (Regex crash)
  • CORE-31343 (JavaScript crash at Yahoo Mail Classic)
  • CORE-15711 (JavaScript crash)
  • CORE-32195 (Handling of Content-Disposition extended parameters)
  • CORE-31929 (Crash on exit)


  • CORE-32842 (Mouse focus related plugin crasher)


  • DSK-313323 (Standalone widgets crash on exit)
  • DSK-313321 (Dragonfly menu entry is disabled)


  • DSK-310055 (External links can’t be opened from widgets)
  • DSK-307702 (Importing Firefox bookmarks freezes Opera)
  • DSK-313596 (Disable sync protocol support to improve resizing of windows)
  • DSK-272180 (Problems with launching default browser in different *nix desktop environments)
  • DSK-303190 (Mouse selection doesn’t copy to clipboard)
  • DSK-281352 (Import Firefox bookmarks file filter is broken in KDE)
  • DSK-309241 (Menus are as high as the screen and nearly empty)
  • DSK-308536 (Korean IME doesn’t work on Ubuntu 10.04)
  • DSK-304408 (iBus: Only the first typed Chinese character is committed)
  • DSK-312622 (Crash when viewing bookmark menu)

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